Rules of the birdhouse library and how it operates.  

This is a library for books and books Only

  • Open to the public to take and add books.

  • Take One Leave One, but it's okay to either just leave or take one. (We just want to keep a good thing going) 

  • NO VHS, DVDs, CD's or Advertisements i.e: flyers, emails, images, letters, newspapers, business cards
    (There is a community board on the inside of Buzz Mill for such things)

  • If you're going to make your own book or place your own pieces of work inside the birdhouse library, Please make sure they're professionally bound

  • If you desire to leave Sheet Music. Make sure it's in a suitable folder, no loose papers. 


Friend of the Neighborwoods?

Send us some books and we will fill the birdhouse library for you