Flight special: pick 4 samplings for $12

All Elixirs rotate in and out

Fort Favorites (Cocktails)

Apple Jack

Blackberry infused gin with Elderberry tonic topped with a lime $6


Almond Vanilla infused whiskey, house cold brew, maple creme, and a splash of cola $6


Orange infused vodka, Orange juice, Vanilla simple syrup, and almond mild over ice $6

Aloha Senor Rita

Pineapple infused tequila, triple sec, lime juice, sour mix, splash of pineapple$7


Camp Fire

Pint of our Buzz Mill CAMP Cider and a shot of house infused Apple Cinnamon whiskey $9

Fort Porter

Pint of 512 Pecan Porter and a shot of house infused Espresso Whiskey $8

Elixir List

Walnut whiskey

Apple cinnamon whiskey

Vanilla almond whiskey

Lemon honey ginger whiskey

Mango kiwi vodka

Strawberry basil mint vodka

Jalepeño pear vodka

Berry bomb vodka

Bear mace vodka

Spicy mango tequila

Grapefruit gin

Berry bomb rum

Cucumber melon rum