Flight special: pick 4 samplings for $12

All Elixirs rotate in and out

Fort Favorites (Cocktails)

Apple Jack

Blackberry infused gin with Elderberry tonic topped with a lime $6


Almond Vanilla infused whiskey, house cold brew, maple creme, and a splash of cola $6


Orange infused vodka, Orange juice, Vanilla simple syrup, and almond mild over ice $6

Aloha Senor Rita

Pineapple infused tequila, triple sec, lime juice, sour mix, splash of pineapple$7


Camp Fire

Pint of our Buzz Mill CAMP Cider and a shot of house infused Apple Cinnamon whiskey $9

Fort Porter

Pint of 512 Pecan Porter and a shot of house infused Espresso Whiskey $8

Elixir List

Walnut whiskey

Apple cinnamon whiskey

Vanilla almond whiskey

Lemon honey ginger whiskey

Mango kiwi vodka

Strawberry basil mint vodka

JalepeΓ±o pear vodka

Berry bomb vodka

Bear mace vodka

Spicy mango tequila

Grapefruit gin

Berry bomb rum

Cucumber melon rum