Austin, TX

1505 Town Creek Dr, Austin TX, 78741

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San Marcos, TX

194 S. Guadalupe St, San Marcos TX, 78666


Buzz Mill is about cultivating community


 :to improve by labor, care, or study :refine cultivate the mind


the people with common interests living in a particular area; broadly :the area itself

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bringing the community together.

Buzz Mill is a community driven brand. That strives to improve our Neighborwoods a little at a time. Making sure to build it to last. 
A community driven brand is a brand that's sole purpose is to cultivate the community around it...From building gardens, 
cleaning rivers to creating a place where people can interface with their community in new ways. 

Our four pillars of what defines a community

we serve coffee, food, and spirits


To keep funding our community projects

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A camp is an event that doesn't require a core group of people to attend. Camps are open to the public and community. They require less energy than a Society within Buzz Mill. Societies within Buzz Mill are a community of people that come together to learn, do, or make. They have a structure in ways the community  can interface with one another that is specific to that Society.  

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rethinking community

lumber society

4 troops

Owl | racoon | beaver | mallard

From learning variable aspects of Homesteading to Survival. 
Lumber Society was built to create a place for the community to engage with and enable them to learn or give them the tools to give back to their community. 

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camp cinema

once a month...

Buzz Mill has a movie/show played on the Camp Screen.

Camp Cinema was made for the cinema lovers, snobs, geeks and those brainy witty fellows who seem to know...every movie come together over good causes. We donate 10% of our profit on these nights. 

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