Lumber Society Events

The Troops

The Lumber Society is broken down into 4 Troops. 

Owls | mallards | racoons | beavers

Think of it as the team you're representing.


troop handshakes


troop motos/facts

What type of events do you have?

By joining Lumber Society you'll be able to choose a few different ways you can engage. Lumber Society has three specific events each month for the Troops. 

Education | Outreach | Social

Education - Knowledge is power! Lumber Society classes include building a fire, archery camp, gardening, self-defense, and other classes. Plus, each class comes with a corresponding badge. Finish each class and the required tasks to earn your patch. We tend to have classes featuring modern homesteading and survival as our main focal point.

Outreach - Buzz Mill believes in giving back and growing our community. Outreach is a community based event that is within our Neighborwoods ( what we call the Buzz Mill community). These events can range from river clean up, aiding the local Trail Foundation, to helping plant gardens for school. If you enjoy giving back to the community then these type of events are for you.

Social - Every Thursday is Troop Thursday. Come into Buzz Mill with your handkerchief/vest on with your patches visible and receive special prices and prizes just for you. Imagine coming into the bar with your Troop. You go to the counter and the bartender greets you and sees your badge. He calls an opposing Troop over and asks the two Troops if they would like to play a game. The game can range from a battle of wits to a feat of strength! The winning Troop gets a price/prize that is unique that night. 

Also, once a month we'll have a social gathering where we will play games with even bigger prizes. This is also where you can earn some extra rare Lumber Society gear. (You can earn extra rare gear from just about any function so don't worry.) 

How do I get Lumber Society Merch and Gear? 

You can purchase Lumber Society items at the brick & mortar stores and on our online store. We will also have an exclusive shirt for campers who live in the Neighborwoods, the 2 mile radius around Buzz Mill locations. (NOT YET RELEASED)