Lumber Society Knife Carving and Update


Upcoming Class

Lumber Society Knife Carving Class

The Buzz Mill | August 22nd, 2018 | 6pm -8pm

1505 Town Creek Drive, Austin TX. 78741


Free to attend. For those who bought a ticket you will receive a Lumber Society Branded Knife, a seat upfront, and a free beer. Everyone who completes the class will earn a Patch.

Arrive early to get a good seat. Supplies are limited.


We are asking you to please be Clear Minded and Alert while utilizing your tool.

We will eject anyone who does not follow the guidelines issued by the Camp Master.

Lumber Society Update

New Lumber Society Board


Jason Sabala | The Prophet | Vision behind the world of Lumber Society.

Chris Hyde | Camp Master | The Teacher and Leader of Lumber Society

Mark Fagan | The Keeper | The Head of Lumber Society Outreach. Connecting Lumber Society to Communities, and the general Operation of Lumber Society. Known as the Keeper for he keeps track of all points earned within Lumber Society.

Emily Morton | The Weaver |. Point of contact for event info and coordinating future events with Buzz Mill or Lumber Society.

Joe Lucky  | The StoryTeller | Documentarian and Point of contact for Lumber Society questions, updates, and resources.

New Lumber Society Classes


Before we unveil the calendar for next 12 months, I want everyone to understand the 3 Parts of Lumber Society

  • Education

  • Outreach

  • Social

Each month we will do a Class (education), Community event (outreach), Troop Thursdays Game Night (social). In addition we are adding in Nature Walks each month that Chris will guide through the Neighborwoods..

So without further ado.........


2018-2019 Lumber Society Calendar


August - Knife Carving | ATX:22nd SMTX:29th

September - Navigation | ATX:19th SMTX:26th
October - Shelter Building | ATX:19th SMTX:26th

November - Water Purification | ATX:21st SMTX:28th

December - End of year Camp Out | TBD

January- Fire Building | ATX:16th SMTX:23rd

February- Knot Tying | ATX:20th SMTX:27th

March- Archery | ATX:20th SMTX:27th

April - Primitive Cooking and Foraging | ATX:17th SMTX:24th

May - Wilderness First Aid | ATX:15th SMTX:22nd

June- Primitive Tools | ATX:19th SMTX:26th

July - TEST OUT (to earn GRIZZ patch) | TBD

Last of Updates


September 1st will be when our next newsletter will be sent out. Be on the lookout for our email. Check your spam, social, and promotion inbox and allow it to your main inbox.

For any questions please email |