Happy New Year! Here's what's to come...

This was originally sent as an email to all of Lumber Society.
We post all emails we send out on this blog for those who for one reason or another don’t receive our emails.

Happy New Year campers! 

We are so excited to get our 2019 Lumber Society campaign on the way. We are working on growing and improving the LS experience and hope that it will be a fun and rewarding year for all involved. We are going to start taking attendance at all the events and keeping track of who does what for our new leader board which should be up by the February class. There will be some really cool perks for those atop the board. If you're new and are wondering what the Lumber Society is all about, there's a short "about us" at the end of this email. Here's a rundown of what we've got planned for January.

This Thursday (tomorrow) Camp Master Chris Hyde will be hosting trivia as part of our Troop Social. Drink discounts for those with troop badges.

FB: https://bit.ly/2Qd8To4

On Thu., Jan. 10, Chris Hyde will lead a hike in the Neighborwoods (meet at Buzz Mill) at 6:30pm followed by live music from Pittsburgh's The Hills and the Rivers at 8pm. See FB event page for more info on the band. 

Hills and Rivers: https://bit.ly/2CIurVU

FIRST CLASS OF THE YEAR: Thu., Jan. 17, 6:30pm. Chris Hyde leads the Lumber Society on a Primitive Fire Building Workshop. Tickets are almost gone. Get yours now. You are still welcome to join us even if it's sold out, ticket holders get reserved seating (plus a drink and the perk). Everyone who completes the class gets a badge!

Web: https://bit.ly/2TnR1sx
FB: https://bit.ly/2EZW3rn

Sat., Jan. 19, is our Six Year Anniversary party! This is gonna be a big one! Specifics coming soon.

Thu., Jan. 24, 6:30pm, join us for the Troop Social featuring … Bingo!

Sat., Jan. 26, 10am, will be our Lumber Society Community Outreach event. The fine folks at the Austin Fire Department Ladder 22 (in our Neighborwoods) have kindly agreed to open their doors to us for a fire extinguisher class, camping fire safety tips, and they'll teach us how to put up the ground ladders and maybe pull some of the fire hoses. 

About Us:

Buzz Mill's Lumber Society is an adult version of Boy/Girl Scouts with hands-on classes on basic survival skills taught by Camp Master Chris Hyde. Topics covered in the monthly classes include knife carving, shelter building, archery, navigation, water purification and more. These experiences are shared with friends new and old with possibly an adult beverage or two.

In addition to the classes the Lumber Society hosts troop socials (game nights, trivia, etc.), monthly hikes, twice yearly camping trips, community outreach/volunteer events in the Neighborwoods, and more. In the past couple months we've participated in a Habitat for Humanity build and helped clear trash and debris at the new Country Club Creek Greenbelt Trail. 

There are four groups within the Lumber Society (Raccoons, Owls, Beavers and Mallards) and campers earn a beautifully designed custom badge for each class they compete. The classes also include cool perks like a carving knife, compass, life straw and more.

Our mission is to get people to "log out," enjoy nature, and connect with like-minded folks - while learning skills to survive the imminent zombie apocalypse.